We believe in the power of books.


We all remember the stories we loved as kids. Those books stay with us and shape our character. Books Banish Bullying is an attempt to give the next generation a head-start on learning to take care of our planet, respect all people and cultures, and think outside the box by giving them wonderful books. Politicians will come and go, but a good story lasts a lifetime. 


There are several ways to help.

You can:

1) click the "get involved" button and donate to our paypal account. This will pay for shipping books to libraries in need across the country. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so all of your donations are tax-deductible!

2) Spread the word! Share us on social media, via email, and word of mouth. Let people know we are out there and we need books!

3) For buying books themselves, you have two options, listed below: 




Check out our book list! Buy one wherever you like to buy books and donate it to a school library near you. 

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Buy a book from our Amazon smile wishlist. We will match them to a school in need and ship them out. 

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