Welcome to the heart and soul of Books Banish Bullying: the books! The books are grouped by age level, then broken down by issue. Any questions? Contact us.

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Caring for Each Other: books featuring non-white main characters as well as books on the subject of diversity

  • Abuela, by Arthur Dorros. This beautifully illustrated book is a sweet story about a girl and her grandmother and their world. It discusses immigration and has many Spanish words and phrases. 
  • For the Right to Learn: Malala Yousafzai's Story, by Rebecca Langston George. The story of Malala adapted for a young audience. So many lessons here! And the illustrations are lovely.  
  • Grandfather's Journey, by Allen Say. This autobiographical family story details the author's grandfather's immigration to America from Japan. It is an emotional story with lovely watercolor illustrations. 
  •  One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference, by Katie Smith Milway. Inspired by true events, this story of a boy and how his micro-loan transformed his life and the lives of many others in Ghana. This wonderful book educates and inspires. 
  • The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, by Paul Goble. This strikingly-illustrated book tells a Native American folktale. The artwork vibrantly depicts Native American imagery and culture. 
  • The Color of Us, by Karen Katz. Brightly illustrated story about all the wonderful colors people can be. Heartwarming and simple. 
  • Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad, by Ellen Levine. This inspiring story about one man who mailed himself to freedom. Opens the door to deeper discussions about slavery. 
  • Tomás and the Library Lady, by Pat Mora. Based on a true story about a migrant child turned education leader, with the help of a kindly librarian. A testament to the power of reading. 

Caring for our Earth: books about environmental issues

  • One Well: The Story of Water on Earth, by Rochelle Strauss. This book explains how all the water in the world is connected and explains how to conserve it. A favorite of Jean-Michel Cousteau! 
  • One Plastic Bag, by Miranda Paul. An inspirational true story about a woman who cleaned up her community in Gambia.
  • The Tree Lady, by H. Joseph Hopkins. Wonderful story about a woman scientist on a mission to plant trees in San Diego. Based on real life! 
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, by William Kamkwamba. Inspirational story about a boy who saved his village from drought with some ingenuity. A great read. 
  • Rachel Carson and her Book that Changed the World, by Laurie Lawlor. Biography of the world-changing author of "Silent Spring." 
  • The Promise, by Nicola Davies. A girl steals an old woman's purse and finds it is full of acorns. As she plants them all, she sees the world around her start to change. A powerful story of  how our actions impact others. 
  • Mama Miti, by Donna Jo Napoli. True story of the woman who founded the Green Belt movement in Kenya. Her Nobel Peace prize-winning journey will inspire readers to make a difference in their own communities. 
  • The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps, by Jeanette Winter. A wonderful biography of the incredible scientist Jane Goodall. 

Caring for Ourselves: books about self-esteem, self-acceptance, and creativity

  • What Do You Do with an Idea? By Kobi Yamada. This adorable idea encourages children to believe in the power of their own ideas. 
  • Woolbur, by Leslie Helakoski. This funny story about a sheep who doesn't quite fit in teaches the value in dancing to the beat of your own drummer. 
  • Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress, by Christine Baldacchino. This bittersweet tale has a plucky hero in Morris, a little boy who loves to wear dresses. 
  • Zero, by Kathryn Otoshi. A book about numbers reveals deeper lessons about body image, self-acceptance, and finding value in yourself and others. 
  • The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. A story about self-discovery and the creative potential in all of us. A little girl insists she can't make art and draws a dot to prove it--and the dot leads her on a wild journey. 
  • The Rag Coat, by Lauren Mills. A poor Appalachian girl is taunted for her coat made of rags, but she proves that it is more valuable than meets the eye. A story about poverty and bullying. 
  • Each Kindness, by Jacqueline Woodson. Everything by Woodson is worthy of this list, but this one especially proves the negative consequences of bullying. A gorgeously illustrated story about friendship and the pressure to fit in to which all kids will relate. 
  • Chocolate Me, by Taye Diggs. A boy wishes to be more like everyone else until his mother explains to him how beautiful he really is. A sweet book by stage and screen actor Taye Diggs.