Books Banish Bullying comes from a very simple, yet revolutionary idea--books can change lives. I started Books Banish Bullying because I was so sick of all the hatred and violence in America. As I read bedtime stories to my son, I realized that the values of respect, compassion, teamwork, environmental stewardship, justice, community, and creativity found in his books were values that our country's politicians desperately needed. While I haven't entirely given up on this generation, I feel that focusing on the next generation is a more productive, healthier idea. As an author, I have to believe that books matter. I know that sharing these books with positive messages with children will help them to become kinder, stronger, and wiser adults. Giving my son a chance to live in a better world is my highest goal as a parent. My hope is that, because of these books, when my son is grown, he (and all the children of his generation) will be spared the fear, anger, and distrust that color our world today.


Right now, this is a pretty grassroots organization. but I hope to see it grow and evolve. We have just received our 501(c)3 designation, so now all donations are officially tax deductible. We are so excited to see what Books Banish Bullying will become as it spreads books all over the country. 

Thank you for believing in the power of books!

-Laura Sook Duncombe, author and mom