the 12 DAYS OF BOOK-MAS!!!!

Hello Everyone! 

To celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (early, I know...they're supposed to be AFTER Christmas but I'm too excited to wait!) Books Banish Bullying dreams of getting 12 books a day for 12 days, from now up to Christmas Eve! If we are successful, that's 144 books to be donated to deserving schools across America. I have been in contact with many schools impacted by everything from budget cuts to natural disasters who are desperate for new books and beyond grateful for our donations. Let's send them more than 1 apiece, okay? 


So, each day I am giving away a book from my PERSONAL bookshelf to the lucky winner of the challenge of the day! It's easy to play...but not so easy to win. 

Step 1: Donate a book to Books Banish Bullying. 

Step 2: Comment on the daily blog post with your answer to the challenge. It will be a different challenge every day! 

Step 3: I will choose a winner at midnight from all the entries, and painstakingly select a book form among my stores for the winner. 


That's it!! So if you were thinking about donating but haven't yet, now's the time to do it! I have been amazed and humbled by the response so far. You all have inspired me to dream bigger and to aim higher!! So donate books, people. The average cost of a book is $15, which is about the price of a movie ticket! This is an easy way to change the world.

Don't give into cynicism and despair. DO SOMETHING! As my hero Louisa May Alcott said, "hope and keep busy." I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 




After you've purchased your book (and we're going on the honor system here, I don't need proof that you donated), come back to this blog post and comment with your letter to Santa. Tell him why you deserve to win a new book! 

You have until midnight to make your entry. Good luck! And tune in tomorrow for the winner (and the 2nd day challenge!). 

Have fun, y'all.